Reviews of Theology, Broadly Understood

Friday, September 30, 2016

From "A Trappist Writes Home" - Letters of Abbot Gerard McGinley, OCSO

Capex Dei  "How much more inspiring and how much more exact it is to realize then men 'are persons capable of being filled with God' than it is to recognize them simply as 'rational animals.'"
- from the introduction by. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O.

"The truly powerful human personality is that one which radiates  Divinity." (M. Raymond)

"Religion, man's relation to God, is the very core of life, the base as well as the corwon of man's character, the very substance of proper living." (M. Raymond)

Divine providence "The two hands of God our Father - the right hand of wisdom, the left hand of love -  stretched out to help us every split second of our existence; and to hel us on, not only to success, but to triumph." (M. Raymond)

"Therefore, no matter what happens, it is somehow willed or permitted by God - and willed or permitted by Him for my good." (G. McGinley)

"Every Christian, if he is a true Christian, must become cruciform." (M. Raymond)

"To become a saint is easy; for we need only to have one desire: that of giving pleasure to Jesus in all things." (G. McGinley)

"Don't forget me in your prayers and ask Jesus to fill my heart with His love and even fill it to overflowing that I might give some to others ...". (G. McGinley)