Reviews of Theology, Broadly Understood

Friday, February 19, 2016

Guest Blogger, C. Henri Maurice on the apostle/apostolate

“For him, nothing is trivial; a service rendered, an opportune visit, a greeting, a handshake, anything is useful, he makes everything serve his zeal. It is not given to all to perform brilliant acts, but there is no one who is unable to desire ardently the glory of God, to think of it constantly and to refer everything to this end. By self-multiplication, microscopic cells build up powerful organisms; thus the accumulation of infinitely tiny acts of the apostolate builds up the City of God. The share of each worker seems insignificant, even negligible; but the concerted efforts of myriads of hidden apostles produce magnificent results.”


By C. Henri Morice, in The Mother of Jesus, trans. By. Clara M. Sand, RSCJ, 1940 (pp.45-46).